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What we offer

We support you through this journey!

We have the correct mindset and approach to ensure you receive all the assistance you require. We provide tailored supports that adjust to your requirements and preferences.



Physiotherapy is a proven way to reduce pain and improve mobility. Our experienced and specialists teach you essential skills to help avoid injury and pain recurrence, increase your mobility and capability for self-care, and enable you to participate in recreational and daily living activities.


Occupational Therapy

We provide personalised, goal-centred occupational therapy to re-enable you to participate in daily tasks and recreational activities. We focus on regaining abilities, managing pain, and modifying your environment to support your lifestyle (such as adding shower chairs and modifying food and drink utensils).



Centre is a community focused psychology practice and understands the importance of providing mental health services to the whole community. We provide counselling and psychological treatment for adults. Psychology you will be treated with warmth, empathy, and understanding from our team of highly experienced psychologists. You will receive the highest-quality psychological treatment using the most effective and up-to-date psychotherapy treatment methodologies. We support children and adults.


Exercise Physiology

We offer Exercise Physiology, caring for patients of all ages and conditions. Our exercise physiologists support clients to maintain, regain or improve their current functional capacity, to maximize their quality of life, enabling them to reach their short and long-term goals. Our exercise physiologists work with patients to build an exercise program developed specifically to improve their physical capacity.


Speech Pathologist

Our world-class NDIS speech therapy supports specialise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of communication disorders, such as difficulties with speaking, social skills, understanding language, as well as problems swallowing food or drink safely.


Key Worker

This is a family-centred approach where a single early childhood intervention specialist acts as the one point of contact for young children living with disability.


Developmental Education

Developmental education provides foundational support for students, focusing on essential skills like reading, writing, and math. It bridges gaps between students’ current abilities and academic expectations, offering personalized interventions and embracing diverse learning styles. By empowering students with the tools they need to succeed, developmental education promotes equity and inclusive excellence in education.


Therapist Assistant

A therapist assistant works closely with licensed therapists to support clients in various therapeutic settings. Their role involves assisting with therapy sessions, implementing treatment plans, and providing practical support to individuals undergoing therapy. They may also help with administrative tasks, maintain therapy equipment, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for clients. With compassion and dedication, therapist assistants play a crucial role in facilitating the healing process and improving the well-being of those they serve.

Allied Health

Disability NDIS

Our Allied Health team is made up of experienced and trained professionals who offer all the services for your physical health and mental well-being.

We offer a range of services to enable you to live life a healthy and happier life, the way you want to live.

We are able to provide a tailored approach to meet your unique needs and aim to get you to your full potential.


Initial Assessment / Report / Referral


Functional Assessment


Assistive Technology Assessment


Behavior Support Plan


Home Modifications Assessmentl


Housing Assessment (SIL)


Ongoing Physiotherapy Services


Ongoing Hydrotherapy Services

Why Choose MaCare Health

Free Professional Guidance

Our team is delighted to guide you through your NDIS journey. Have a discussion with our consultancy team to comprehend the best support services and plans for you.

Personalised Attention

We believe in bringing a smile to your face through our personalized approach. We tailor our services to provide you with the highest quality support and care based on your lifestyle.

Attention to Quality

With over 50 years of experience, delivering high-quality support and healthcare services throughout Australia is our major priority.

Perfect Match

puzzleWe strive to offer you a comfortable and serene experience by matching you with an NDIS specialist who aligns with your preferences.


We concentrate on assisting individuals of all ages with their disabilities

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has transformed the provision of disability services in Australia.

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